Friday, November 30, 2012

Interlude 14 - Update on MineSweeper Sales

14.1 Overview

MineSweeper was initially launched at the end of August 2012. To date it has been downloaded by 2,484 people which is an average of 20 per day. As the graph above shows, averages don't paint an accurate picture of the download distribution. The first month (September) accounts for 2,393 or 96% of these downloads. Since the end of September, the average download rate has been 1 per day.

14.2 Version 1.7 Release

The first published update to MineSweeper was version 1.7 which made the App universal, included Game Center support and added iAds. You can see the bump in downloads on the release day in the graph above. This bump is a pale shadow compared to the initial release bump (11 vs 471).

14.3 Geographic Distribution

37% of downloads has been from the US which is not unexpected, but the next largest region is Germany at 9% which is curious.

14.4 What can we deduce?

These are only statistics from one application over a 3 month period and the enhancements from v1.7 have only be around for 3 days so we need to be careful not to identify trends that don't exist.
  1. iAds - Requests and Impressions can given you a feel for usage of your App each day. It is very early days so hard to conclude anything yet. In order to maximise revenue the download curve would suggest that you would be better off including iAds in your initial release rather than a subsequent upgrade.
  2. Game Center - will also give you an indication of app usage. In the 3 days that Game Center has been available, 9 people have recorded high scores in the Easy Difficulty leader board.
  3. Geographic Distribution - Based on the geographic download distribution, if we were to localise the app then German would be the first language that we should implement.
  4. Upgrades - For the 3 days that v1.7 has been released there has been 419 upgrades downloaded. We would expect another 100 or so over time but upgrades give you a feeling for how many people keep your App on their device after the initial download.