Saturday, August 29, 2015

Interlude 15 - Site Update (Last update 6/01/17)

Over the years, Codea has continued to grow and evolve. As of this post, the current version is 2.3.1(47). With each new build, features are added and some old ways of doing things are dropped (deprecated if you want to get fancy).

This means that tutorials also need to be updated otherwise they become more of a problem than a solution. For the past year or so, I have been focussed on other activities but the time has come to do a major upgrade to the Codea Tutorials site. I will start by upgrading and retesting all of the tutorials against the latest version of Codea.

As each tutorial is updated, I will note this at the top and indicate the latest version of Codea it has been tested against.

In addition to updating all of the screenshots and adding figure numbers, I have added a lot of additional material and tried to make the tutorials clearer. All the code examples are also now correctly formatted using the online markup tool.

Finally, there are some new tutorials coming which will show how to build the classic lunar lander game in Codea.

As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome. Leave a comment here or contact me via the Reefwing Software site.


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